Just Announced

New Charter Ownership Program

All ownership costs covered PLUS Receive Real
Monthly Income on Your Boat for Two Years

The only true income-generating / light-charter
ownership program in the entire market

Call (855) 222-1120 or Email

Available for Only One Order of Each Model for placement in Mystic, CT or Annapolis, MD

  • Simple, straightforward hassle-free arrangement
  • All operating costs 100% covered (dockage, insurance, all maintenance, boat cleaning, booking fees)
  • Plus, real, predictable monthly guaranteed cash income payments
  • Your boat is prepped and ready to sail for your pre-reserved owner's time
  • Low-rate financing readily available (monthly income can be applied against any financing costs)
  • All orders placed by Oct 14 additionally enjoy Fall Show incentives
  • Additional tax benefits also possible depending on owner

Guaranteed monthly income January-December
(in addition to all costs covered):

Mystic Annapolis
Cruiser 33 $300 $200
Cruiser 37 $400 $300
Cruiser 41 $500 $400
Cruiser 46 $750 $500
Cruiser 51 $900 $650
Cruiser 56 $1000 $850
Vision 42 $500 $400
Vision 46 $750 $500

Call us at (855) 222-1120 or email us to learn the simple details, reserve your model for this limited opportunity, and ease your way into owning your Bavaria Cruiser or Vision model.

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